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Foster Care

Foster Care

We refer to the children we place in foster care as being 'looked after'. Our priority is always to ensure the very best outcome for every young person we need to place with our registered carers. We do this through our Fostering and Adoption Service which is a specialist department that values the commitment, dedication and high standards of care provided by people just like you.

Guernsey Family Placement Service is eager to promote fostering and we encourage people from all walks of life to enquire about becoming a fostering family.

We are very lucky to have extremely hard working, experienced and committed foster carers and are always on the lookout for more families to become part of the fostering community in Guernsey.

The Family Placement Service has a wide portfolio of responsibilities. The recruitment, training and assessment of prospective carers is one aspect. Once approved, carers are supervised and supported by an allocated worker.


Specialist Foster Care

Specialist Fostering Scheme- an exciting new initiative!
Do you have experience of working with children?
Have you considered fostering a child, but can't afford to give up work?

The Family Placement Service is seeking expressions of interest in an exciting initiative which has been developed by Children and Family Community Services. We are seeking a small number of Specialist Foster Carers to care for children with disabilities and/or complex emotional needs and who are unable to live with their own families. 


These are children who require carers who, with bespoke support from professionals, will be able to understand and manage the challenging behaviour such children may display, and who can offer those children a safe and stable home life. This requires special people to whom we will pay a financial package structured to enable them to focus on the child in their care. To ensure that Specialist Foster Carers are able to dedicate sufficient time to children in their care it is a condition of acceptance on the scheme that Specialist Foster Carers do not have (or continue to have) any employment obligations, whether paid or voluntary. We would also welcome enquiries from those who reside in Guernsey who may be here on licence. The rewards are huge, but so are the challenges, and we are looking for people who will work as part of a team to change these children's lives and give them hope for the future. The following is an example of a child we are seeking to place:


We are looking for a confident, strong and calm couple to provide child centred support to a B who is a young person who has a learning disability and complex needs.


B is a cheerful and active young person who needs consistent, firm and reliable care.


B finds family life with younger children difficult to manage and often becomes jealous and distressed if carer's attention has to be shared with others.


B has a diagnosis of ADHD with autism spectrum disorder features, pica (eating of non-food items), a learning disability and longstanding destructive and aggressive behaviour when in a heightened state of anxiety. She is prescribed medication, which she is willing to take, to assist in keeping her calm and relaxed, alongside behavioural strategies and is supported by input from a clinical psychologist and medical reviews undertaken by a paediatrician.


B attends Specialist Education provision and can make good progress when supported well to keep her attention focused and undertake work.


B is a strong swimmer and enjoys listening to music and has an Ipod, B likes outdoor activities e.g. walking, colouring activities, watching Holby City and Casualty.


B likes people, to be social and tends to see adults as friends rather than her peers. B needs a clear, consistent and reliable routine which she responds well to; this assists her in knowing what is happening now and next along with the expectations of her.


B is a young person who has a lot to offer. She can show an affectionate side where she enjoys a cuddle and kiss from her carers and has a very endearing and gleeful smile when she is content, happy and enjoying herself.


B has her own home where carers will reside with her and take on the role of her full time care with the aim of providing opportunities for personal development and supporting B to develop to her full potential.


B has a wraparound support package which allows for her carers to have planned time out from the placement and holiday respite support.


Carers for B will require skills in positive communication and engagement and will be able to demonstrate unconditional positive regard. They will have the confidence to be able to work within a positive behaviour support framework, to accept responsibility and to develop as a skilled practitioner. They must be able to follow agreed strategies and to work positively within a consistent, mutually supportive team. Experience is essential for this role.


Children may require sole placements and would be matched with those who could meet their specific needs. Approval as a Specialist Foster Carer is subject to: application, shortlisting, interview, Fostering Form F assessment and approval through the Department's procedures for approving foster carers. You would need to attend the Skills to Foster Preparation training, and will be provided with 24 hour support to help you meet the needs of any child placed with you.


If you would like to know more about Specialist Fostering and think that you may be in a position to provide a home to a child with disability or complex needs we would love to hear from you. If you cannot consider full time foster care but think you may be able to offer short break care to children with a disability we would also be pleased to hear from you.


Please contact the Duty Social Worker, Family Placement Service on 713230 to provide your contact details and we will arrange to provide you with more information. Alternatively you can contact us via email on [email protected] and we will get in touch with you. 

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"You need to have patience and the ability to understand and take on the child’s needs. It is a busy, fulfilling and a rewarding job - we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love it."

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