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Short Break Carer Application Process

Initial Enquiry

Firstly, you will speak to one of our social workers to express your interest in becoming a short break carer for children with disabilities.  You can ring us on 01481 223182  or you can email us via familyplacementservice@gov.gg. The duty social worker will discuss your interest and provide you with an overview of the short break carer role and responsibilities.  If you think you would like to know more, a short break care information pack will be sent out to you. 

Initial Visit

Once you have had the chance to read the information and you have decided that you would like to find out more, you can request an initial visit.  One of our supervising social workers and a social worker from the Child Development Service will meet with you at home to talk more about short break care and answer any questions you have about becoming a short break carer to see whether it's right for you.

Your Application

If you wish to proceed to an application and we are in agreement with this we'll provide you with an application form which we will support you to complete and send back to us before we can go any further.  The timescale from application to approval varies and can take on average 4 months.

Checks and References

We have to undertake a number of rigorous checks to ensure the suitability of our short break carers who support vulnerable children and young people. These are in line with national standards and include Enhanced Criminal Record Bureau checks, Social Services and other agency checks as well as medical checks and personal and employment references. 


If the outcome of our checks are satisfactory we can proceed with your application. The next step is for a member of our team to visit you at home over several visits to get a more rounded picture of how you would cope with the responsibilities of short break care.  We'll talk about subjects which may influence the way you support a child or young person.

The Care Services Panel

After you have had an opportunity to read and make comments, your completed assessment will be presented to the Care Services Panel where they will make a recommendation on whether you should be approved as a short break carer. Your assessing social worker will present the assessment and be asked questions that have arisen in respect of this.  The Agency Decision Maker will then make the final decision on whether to approve your application. 

Approved Short Break Carer

Once approved, you are then registered as a short break carer for the States of Guernsey.  Your supervising social worker, alongside a social worker from the Child Development Service, will help match your skills and circumstances with a child or young person who requires support.

When you are matched with a specific child or young person, you will receive on-going support and training from both your supervising social worker and the Child Development Service.  They will make sure that you receive help to ensure you can best meet the needs of the child or young person you are supporting.

Your supervising social worker will visit you regularly and your suitability to be a short break carer will be reviewed on an annual basis. 

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